special toothbrushes 2

We found this one in a small shop in Crete in 1996. We were happy, but the shopkeeper was probably the happiest. The toothbrush is connected to the water faucet, water and toothpaste flow/spray out of your mouth when brushing.

Training toothbrush with ice cream flavor

Fruit flavored toothbrush

Tuggummi ers├Ątter tandborsten. Japan

New forms, with improved function?

The brush surrounded by rubber massages the gums

With gears in the head, the purple brushes rotate when in use

Wet your hand, put your thumb on the metal sheet and galvanic currents suck impurities into the brush

Electric polishing machine for the teeth

Three comic magazines with enclosed toothbrushes 1999/2000

Doggie Dentist electric for dogs

From Moomin, Tom&Jerry and Bamse to animal toothbrushes. It is equally important to take care of the pets' teeth

For larger dogs and even horses

Butler Bridge & Clasp

Petking toothbrush for dogs

Pet-Brite Home Care

Early battery powered toothbrush

Probably the world's first electric toothbrush, 1954