Just like Batman and Robin, we work on a voluntary basis

From the start of the Toothbrush Museum until 2009, the museum received gifts in the form of unusual toothbrushes and financial support from the following private persons

Anders Bengtsson

Anita Norman

Annkie Joenniemi

Berit Lavas

Bodil o Lars Henningsson

Camilla Logart Winderud

Carina Uggla

Cheng-Ann Kuo

Claes Uggla

Daniel Olsén

Elisabeth Berg

Eva Bergqvist

Eva Sköld

Göran Lundström

Johan Uggla

Kirill Datsko

Kerstin Avenäs

Lill Ingarsson

Linda Näsvall

Louise Uggla

Madeleine Uggla

Magnus Uggla

Martin Warfvinge

Olle Kalderén

Pelle Tågmark

Pontus Uggla

Sofie Isaksson

Tage Erikson

Tomas Lestrup

Tove Kjellberg

Annkie Joenniemi 

from companies and organizations:

Colgate, new models of toothbrushes

John Bauer Museum, a larger collection of Kungs tooth brushes

Tekniska  Museet text "the history of the toothbrush"

TePe, case studies and a collection of TePe's products

support us now

If you find a toothbrush that you think fits the museum, when you are out and about, in the attic, at flea markets or online, we will gladly accept it.

New sponsors

Louise Uggla, Erik Claesson

The museum is non-profit, but to cover our running costs and make new acquisitions, we also welcome financial contributions.