Thank you, Wille Uggla

new to the collections

A kit of Minions

a gift from 2023

Thank you, Louise Uggla

Thank you, Nilla Westin

Thank you, Louise Uggla

From the Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966-1976

Eco-friendly toothbrush of olive wood and natural bristle

Politically correct with wooden handle by Humble

Eco-friendly with cornstarch shaft

Case for toothbrush with disinfectant uv light 

Disposable toothbrush from hotel Bali Plaza Zhejiang

Earrings with stylized toothbrushes

Children's toothbrush

Children's toothbrush I love G. Dragon

Politically correct with wooden handle by Humble

Oral-B disposable toothbrushes for fingers

Hourglass for two minutes tooth brushing

Oral-B BRAUN Cleaning with water jet

Thank you, Nilla Westin

Earrings silver height 12 mm

Foramen black natural bristle

Doll cabinet furniture

Rurubu Japanese travel toothbrush early 80s

Disposable toothbrush from Jianguo Hotspring Hotel Beijing

Travel toothbrush Linjeflyg