travel 2

A travel kit for a gentleman. Contains razor and toothbrush with common handle, shaving cream and toothpaste.

Pepsodent, kit for two. Metal box with enamelled lid. 1950s/60s

Travel kit 50s/60s. The toothpaste is missing

Travel kit 50s/60s with compartment for toothpaste

Toothbrush made of celluloid with boar bristles. The shaft/sleeve of nickel-plated brass. 1930s/40s

Travel toothbrush, nail brush and box made of celluloid. Probably later mix

Foldable toothbrush with telescopic handle made of nickel-plated metal and ventilated transport case, 40s/50s

The toothbrush Transformer. From box to useful toothbrush in a few folds

A rechargeable part becomes a shaver, a toothbrush or a nose hair clipper

Handle, toothbrush, razor and blade for the razor in a chromed metal box

SAS overnight kit 1970s/80s

Silja Line overnight kit for two. 1990s