Gabriel Uggla

Photographer, designer and artist. Married since 1995 to Galina. Now retired and collector of toothbrushes. Since 2019 living in Johannesdal after many years in southern Europe.

Galina Uggla

Teacher, pedagogue and educational leader. Married since 1995 to Gabriel. Currently a teacher at a Montessori school. Since 2019 living in the southern part of Stockholm after many years on the Iberian Peninsula.

We want to show you that a toothbrush can be so much more than a plastic brush to clean your teeth with. We also want to convey how important it is with good oral hygiene. Clean teeth and fresh breath are only a small part of the result. You avoid toothaches and expensive visits to the dentist. Poorly maintained teeth can also affect other parts of your body, so have a date with the toothbrush, a comfortable amount of fluoride toothpaste and a long life with healthy teeth.