about the museum

THE COLLECTIONS: is divided into seven categories and here we show just under 500 pieces.

CHILDREN'S PAGES: should encourage children to take care of their teeth and not to be afraid of the dentist.

FRIENDS OF THE TOOTHBRUSH MUSEUM: is a circle of friends for those who appreciate what we do and are happy to help spread knowledge about us.

We hope that you comment on the museum according to the principle: "praise, make us happy, criticism makes us wise".

The collections span cultural history, technology history, humor, nostalgia and our love for a small vital tool that usually lives its life in the background.

Gabriel och Galina Uggla

In 2001 we were mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records

This children's toothbrush was the start of the collection

and its history

The College of Dentistry lost a bag of some of our top rarities. It broke us and we took the entire collection and packed it into twelve banana boxes. There the brushes lay for almost fifteen years and took their place.

In the fall of 2022, we opened a box and realized what an incredible amount of incredible brushes we had, bought a giant table and went through the collection. We have now unpacked, cleaned, sorted, photographed, image processed and classified all the most spectacular objects.

In 1993 I (Gabriel) was in Barcelona. In a store I found two children's toothbrushes in the shape of rockets that I brought home. This opened my eyes to toothbrushes. Most were "just" for brushing teeth, while others were for babies and older children, for animals, for advertising, crazy inventions and beautiful designs. I bought sporadically, but only when I bought about 200 did I realize that I had become a collector.

In 1994 I met Galina who fell for the toothbrush idea. Galina has amazing eyes. She can go into a toy store and scan it: "Gabriel, do you see the Barbie toothbrush over there in the corner."

On a trip to Manchester we bought 80 toothbrushes and barely had money left for food. We started an online toothbrush museum with our international address www.toothbrushmuseum.com which in 1997 had more pictures than the Louvre and in 2001 we were mentioned in the "Guinness book of world records" as the owner of the world's largest collection of toothbrushes. The collection continued, we received donations from good friends, Jönköping museum, Te-Pe, Colgate, etc. and had 1045 unique pieces and buckets full of duplicates. During an exhibition in the entrance to